20 lis 2009

1x10 - The Turning Point

Jeremy decides to return to his hobby of sketching fantasy creatures that he had stopped upon the death of his parents. Logan attacks and kills several people throughout the town. Matt and Caroline continue to hang out together. He tells Tyler that he likes hanging out with Caroline. Sheriff Forbes tells Damon of a new recent attack, and he discovers Logan doesn't know who turned him. Alaric helps with a small dispute among Jeremy, Tyler and Mayor Lockwood. Logan kidnaps Caroline after a dispute with the sheriff, but Stefan and Damon save her. Logan tells Damon he knows of another way to resurrect Katherine. Elena tells Stefan that she loves him and he decides to stay in Mystic Falls. Stefan and Elena then sleep together. But when Stefan goes to get a drink for Elena, she discovers the photo of Katherine and leaves his house abruptly, leaving her vervain necklace behind with the photo. Alaric confronts Logan and tells him to leave Jenna alone. Logan tries to attack him, but gets staked and dies. Elena is involved in a car crash while trying to avoid a man in the middle of the road, but realizes that the man is more than human. The last shot is of the stranger approaching the car and Elena screaming.

Five For Fighting - Chances
Jeremy reads his grandfather's journal then starts sketching; Jenna asks Elena about Stefan leaving; Stefan & Damon discuss their plans.

Telekinesis - Coast of Carolina
Matt & Tyler shoot hoops & talk about Caroline.

The Features - Off Track
Sheriff Forbes & Mayor Lockwood discuss the new vampire situation while at the career fair; Jeremy discovers that Tyler draws; Matt & Elena talk about Stefan & Caroline.

Plumb - Cut
Stefan & Elena make love.

Tyrone Wells - This Is Beautiful
Matt gives Tyler a ride home; Sheriff Forbes watches her daughter sleep; Stefan & Elena talk in bed.

1x09 - History Repeating

A new history teacher arrives, Alaric Saltzman, to replace Mr. Tanner. Jeremy notices his ring, which resembles one worn by vampires. Jeremy introduces his new teacher to Jenna, who then becomes infatuated with Alaric. Alaric asks Jenna to invite him into her home, but she refuses after realizing Jeremy is there. When Bonnie is having dreams about her ancestor Emily, the girls decide to hold a séance, enabling Emily to possess Bonnie. Meanwhile, Damon reveals the reason he really came back to Mystic Falls: to resurrect Katherine with the help of the crystal that Katherine gave to Emily (Bonnie's ancestor) on her very last day. Stefan tries to stop Damon, knowing that it'll cause a disaster in Mystic Falls due to the fact that all the vampires held in Church Fell were burned alive by the townspeople, and that they would take their revenge on the innocent generation of townspeople. On her way to the Church Fell, Damon greets Emily and reminds her about the deal they made a century and a half ago. Damon will protect Emily's line and Emily will protect Katherine. Damon goes for the crystal, and Emily uses her power to throw him up to the branch of a tree. Then Emily performs the ritual to destroy the crystal and thwarts Damon's plan. Emily releases Bonnie from possession. Furious Damon attacks Bonnie, but Stefan saves her by making her drink his blood. Bonnie is frightened of Stefan until Elena reveals everything to her. Matt continues to be there for Caroline when she needs it. Logan returns into the picture as a vampire instead of a corpse at Elena's house, and he tries to get Jenna to invite him in.

Echo and The Bunnymen - Think I Need It Too
Caroline complains to Elena that Bonnie refuses to return the necklace.

Pablo Sebastian - Lies
Bonnie tells Elena about her problems with Damon.

Idlewild - Post-Electric
Jeremy offers to introduce Jenna to Alaric.

The Bravery - The Spectator
Jenna gives Jeremy a suggestion for his history paper; Jenna meets Alaric; Stefan & Damon imitate each other.

Great Northern - Houses
Jen & Alaric talk about past relationships; Damon & Stefan play darts.

Barcelona - Come Back When You Can
Caroline & Matt feast on junk food; Damon sits alone in the woods; Stefan breaks down; Elena explains everything to Bonnie; Logan stops by to see Jenna.

1x08 - 162 Candles

An old vampire friend of Stefan's arrives in Mystic Falls, the 350-year-old Lexi. She makes Elena realize the value of love, and helps her to take the first step towards renewing a relationship with Stefan. Jeremy stops doing drugs and putting off homework after Damon alters his memory of Vicki's death. Elena asks Damon if there is anything else that he did to her brother but all Damon says is that he "removed the suffering". Damon gives a box of vervain to Sheriff Forbes and she reveals to him all of the vampire hunters in town. Damon frames Lexi for the death of a local boy by altering his girlfriend's memory and changing her testimony. The police apprehend Lexi. Outside the bar, Damon stakes Lexi and kills her before she can attack the sheriff. Stefan is furious about what has been done to Lexi and tells Elena that she was right by ending things with him, then he takes off and attacks Damon, but stops short of killing him. He spares Damon's life to repay Damon for saving him from Logan. While wearing the amber crystal Bonnie has a nightmare of the old church and she wakes up in a cemetery.

The Birthday Massacre - Happy Birthday
Lexi tries to talk Stefan into leaving for New York with her.

Pete Yorn - Thinking Of You
Stefan & Lexi discuss the party & Damon's possible plans; Elena arrives at the Salvatore estate.

Tiesto ft Tegan and Sara - Feel It In My Bones
Damon asks Caroline about the crystal again; Lexi arrives at The Grill.

Tiesto ft CC Sheffield - Escape Me
Caroline tries to get the crystal back from Bonnie; Stefan apologizes to Matt; Damon gets mad a Caroline for failing to get the crystal; Stefan & Lexi dance.

Telekinesis - Tokyo
Elena & Damon talk while observing Lexi & Stefan play pool.

Mike Sheridan and Mads Langer - Too Close
Lexi orders tequila shots then offers one to Elena; Stefan thanks Lexi for talking to Elena.

Fauxliage - All The World
Elena joins Stefan; a drunk Carolina talks with Matt.

The Black Box Revelation - Love In Your Head
Lexi asks Damon about his real reason for being in Mystic Falls.

Switchfoot - Yet
Matt puts Caroline in her bed, then she asks him to keep her company.

1x07 - Haunted

Stefan tries to help Vicki deal with her urge to feed, but is unable to control her. While giving Bonnie her witch costume at school, Caroline also gives Bonnie the amber crystal which Damon took from the Founder's Party. At a Halloween party, Vicki attacks Jeremy and Elena, and Stefan stakes her through the heart, killing her. Stefan swears Elena to secrecy so she won't tell Matt and Jeremy what really happened to Vicki. Elena is unable to console the grieving Jeremy and asks Stefan to use his powers to make sure her brother does not remember what happened. When Stefan tells her he is unsure of it working effectively, Damon volunteers to "take away his suffering."

Gary Go - Open Arms
Elena wakes up, then tells Jeremy not to skip school to search for Vicki; Vicki phones Matt.

Final Flash - Fading Light
Matt tells Tyler that Vicki phoned; Caroline gives Bonnie a witch costume for the Halloween party.

The Sounds - No One Sleeps When I'm Awake
Damon & Vicki discuss boredom & hunger; Damon & Stefan argue over what to do about Vicki.

White Lies - To Lose My Life
Tyler offers Caroline & Bonnie a drink at the party; Damon sits down to talk with Mrs. Lockwood.

The Longcut - Open Hearts
Elena & Matt talk at the party; Stefan catches up with Vicki & warns her she should leave.

The Dodos - Fables
Damon & Mrs. Lockwood discuss the vervain supply.

Bat For Lashes - Sleep Alone
Elena & Stefan search for Jeremy & Vicki; Vicki asks Jeremy to leave town with her.

Sanders Bohlke - The Weight of Us
Elena console Jeremy; Matt returns home to find it empty; Elena asks Stefan to make Jeremy forget about Vicki's death, then Damon volunteers to do it.

1x06 - Lost Girls

Stefan explains his and Damon's past with Katherine to Elena. In 1864, they both loved a woman named Katherine, who then turned them into vampires. Meanwhile, Damon spends the day trapped inside the Salvatore house with Vicki. They feed off of each other and he changes her into a vampire. Stefan discovers this and attempts to persuade her to die instead of completing the transformation into a vampire by feeding on human blood. Logan uses the pocket watch that tracks down vampires and finds Stefan and Vicki in the woods. Logan shoots Stefan with a wooden bullet, thinking Stefan was attacking Vicki. Damon saves Stefan by attacking Logan. Vicki is overcome by the hunger and feeds on Logan, completing her transformation. Stefan tells Elena that Vicki has become a vampire, and Elena decides to keep his secrets, but not without ending their relationship.

A Fine Frenzy - Stood Up
Elena questions Stefan about vampires.

Editors - Weight Of The World
Damon leaves Stefan a message demanding the ring, then checks on Vicki.

The Temper Trap - Fader
Damon tells Vicki the events of the previous night.

Anberlin - Enjoy The Silence
Vicki & Damon dance around the house.

Green Day - 21 Guns
Vicki tells Damon about her family as they slow dance.

Jason Walker - Down
Elena tells Stefan that she can't be with him.

1x05 - You're Undead To Me

While Damon grows weaker, Jeremy's and Vicki's relationship grows stronger. At the school organized car wash Bonnie discovers more about her powers and decides to face with them. Logan's charm leads to have dinner in Gilberts' house which leads to him stealing the pocketwatch. Elena finds out from a stranger that Stefan eerily resembles a man he knew in 1953. This leads to Elena questioning who Stefan really is.Damon uses his connection with Caroline to free himself and later feeds on Vicki.

Imogen Heap - Wait It Out
Elena runs into Vicki by the family bathroom.

S.O.Stereo - When A Heart Breaks
Elena & Matt play pool & talk while she waits for Stefan to arrive; a townsperson recognizes Stephan.

Howie Day - Be There
Vicki complains about Jeremy's attempt to change their routine; Stefan tells Elena the things he likes; Elena & Stefan kiss.

3OH!3 - Don't Trust Me
The Sexy Suds Carwash.

Gabriella Cilmi - Save The Lies
At the carwash, Elena asks Stefan about his family.

Anjulie - Boom
Bonnie sets a car on fire.

Mads Langer - Beauty Of The Dark
Caroline brushes off her mom's concern; Stefan finds Damon gone & Zach dead; Logan steals Jeremy's watch; Elena tries to make sense of what she knows about Stefan; Vicki sees Damon in the woods.

1x04 - Family Ties

Elena and Stefan go to the town's annual Founders' Party, hosted by Tyler's parents. Vicki wants Tyler to take her to the party. Damon tells Elena about the history of the Salvatores after Stefan tries to cut Damon out of his life. Damon also retrieves an amber crystal from one of the historical artifacts in the Lockwood mansion. Meanwhile, Stefan uses Caroline as a vessel to poison Damon. When Damon sucks Caroline's blood, he falls ill. Once Caroline wakes up, she sees the amber crystal and puts it in her purse. Stefan locks up a weakened Damon at the Salvatore property. Tyler's parents, Sheriff Forbes (Caroline's mom), and Logan have come to the conclusion that vampires have returned to Mystic Falls due to the drained bodies, and must retrieve a pocketwatch that belongs to the Gilbert family. In the end, Vicki goes to Jeremy and they go to the bedroom.

Union Of Knives - Opposite Direction
Caroline tries on dresses as Damon tells her about vampires.

Santigold - I'm a Lady
Vicki serves Tyler & his parents; Caroline & Bonnie discuss Damon & the Founder's Party; Vicki gets Tyler to ask her to the party.

Carolina Liar - I'm Not Over
Mrs. Lockwood phones as Elena & Bonnie get ready for the party; Elena confronts Jeremy about the missing watch.

Thievery Corporation - Shadows Of Ourselves
Caroline & Damon are greeted by Mrs. Lockwood; Elena & Stefan arrive at the Founder's Party.

V V Brown - Back In Time
Elena & Stefan look at the artifacts; Jenna runs into Logan.

Sofi Blonde - Fallout
Damon apologizes to Elena for trying to kiss her; Caroline & Stefan dance; Damon tells Elena a bit of town history.

Glass Pear - Wild Place
Vicki complains about Tyler's treatment of her; Mrs. Lockwood introduces herself to Vicki; Bonnie re-lights a candle; Damon & Elena rejoin Stefan & Caroline.

Matt Nathanson - All We Are
Damon & Caroline observe Stefan & Elena dancing; Logan expresses his sympathies to Jenna; Elena asks Stefan about Katherine.

The Submarines - Brightest Hour (Morgan Page Remix)
Elena tells Mrs. Lockwood that she couldn't find the watch; Caroline watches Damon reclaim a crystal; Jenna agrees to lunch with Logan; Bonnie unintentionally lights all the candles in the dining room.

Viva Voce - Believer
Damon drags Caroline away from the party and bites her.

16 lis 2009

1x03 - Friday Night Bites

Bonnie has a bad feeling about Stefan, so Elena decides to invite Stefan and Bonnie to dinner so that they can get to know each other better. At school, Tyler attempts to humiliate Stefan by throwing a football at him, but it backfires as Stefan effortlessly catches it and passes it back. Stefan ends up joining the football team. During dinner, Damon and Caroline unexpectedly show up, and Elena "invites" him into her house. Stefan gives Elena a necklace filled with vervain to protect her from Damon. When Stefan attempts to convince Damon that he still has some humanity left in him, Damon attacks and kills Mr. Tanner as a rebuttal.

The Bravery - Slow Poison
Bonnie tells Elena that she got a bad vibe from Stefan; Jeremy questions Vicki's actions.

Darker My Love - Blue Day
Damon drops Caroline off at cheerleading practice.

3OH!3 - Starstrukk
Cheerleading practice.

Black Keys - Strange Times
Elena watches Stefan at the football practice.

Oh Mercy - Can't Fight It
Bonnie talks while Elena works on dinner.

Sea Wolf - You're A Wolf
Caroline, Damon, Bonnie, Stefan & Elena chat over coffee; Tyler confronts Jeremy at the restaurant.

The Airborne Toxic Event - Papillon
Stefan gives Elena a pendant.

Moby - Temptation
Stefan reassures Elena; Stefan writes in his diary as Damon visits a sleeping Elena.

15 lis 2009

1x02 - The Night Of The Comet

Mystic Falls begins the preparations to celebrate the passing of a comet. While Vicki recuperates in the hospital from her injuries caused by a vampire, Stefan uses his abilities to erase Vicki's attacker from her memory, but is interrupted by Matt. Mr. Tanner warns Jenna about Jeremy and tells her that she is doing a bad job of taking care of teenagers. Elena and Damon meet for the first time at the Salvatore house and his revelation about Stefan's past brings Elena closer to the truth. Elena and Stefan kiss. Damon finds his next victim in Caroline.

Metric - Help I'm Alive
A couple are attacked while camping.

Mat Kearney - Closer To Love
Elena gives Jenna advice on her hair style.

The Dead Weather - Hang You From The Heavens
Jeremy confronts Tyler over Vicki.

The Gossip - Heavy Cross
Bonnie talks about the comet, then Caroline questions Elena about Stefan.

Neko Case - I'm An Animal
Jenna & Elena discuss Stefan; Jenna yells at Jeremy.

Dragonette - I Get Around
Elena & Bonnie talk while handing out flyers.

We Were Promised Jetpacks - Conductor
Jeremy & Vicki make plans to watch the comet; Matt lights Elena's candle.

Peaches - Mud
Jeremy asks if anyone has seen Vicki; Elena confronts Jeremy over his behavior.

Earlimart - Interloper
Matt thanks Stefan for finding Vicki; Stefan asks Bonnie & Caroline about Elena's whereabouts.

Sara Bareilles - Gravity
Elena arrives at Stefan's house; Stefan & Elena talk then kiss.

1x01 - The Pilot

Elena Gilbert and her brother Jeremy can't come to grips with the fact their parents have died. But nothing goes as planned for both of them when mysterious new student Stefan Salvatore attracts Elena's attention, leaving her ex-boyfriend Matt and her rival Caroline unaware of what's happening. After Matt's sister Vicki is bitten by something they believe to be an animal, it's discovered that Stefan is a vampire. Stefan (who does not feed on humans) realizes he is not the only vampire in town. Stefan's evil brother Damon enters the picture; they have not seen each another for 15 years.

Silversun Pickups - Sort of
A couple drives along a dark road and hits someone.

Mat Kearney - Here we go
Morning at the Gilbert household; Bonnie drives Elena to school.

The Raconteurs - Consoler of the Lonely
Jeremy talks to Vicki at school; Elena & Bonnie notice Stefan.

OneRepublic - Say (All I Need)
Elena sits in the cemetary and writes in her diary.

Stars - Take Me To The Riot
Jeremy tries to talk to Vicki while she's working; Caroline gives Bonnie the scoop on Stefan.

Katy Perry - Thinking Of You
Matt asks Bonnie about Elena; Elena & Stefan arrive at the restaurant.

MGMT - Kids
Stefan chats with Elena, Caroline & Bonnie.

Placebo - Running Up That Hill
Zach confronts Stefan about the animal attack.

White Lies - Death
Stefan arrives at the party; Elena & Bonnie gossip about Stefan; Elena & Stefan chat.

Quickie - Better Off That Way
Jeremy interrupts Tyler & Vickie kissing.

The All-American Rejects - Back To Me
Matt tells Elena he's not giving up on them; Stefan turns down Caroline's invitation; Elena follows Jeremy into the woods.

Bat For Lashes - Siren Song
Caroline complains to Bonnie about Elena's luck with guys; Vicki tells Matt that she was attacked by a vampire.

The Fray - Never Say Never
Elena writes in her diary; Caroline flirts with Damon; montage; Elena invites Stefan into her house to talk.

Promo Songs - Season 1

Band Of Horses - No One’s Gonna Love You
'Pilot Promo Trailer', May '09.

Timothy Andrew Edwards & James Lugo - Soul Sucker
'Extended Promo' song #1, June '09.

Lumbajac - Princess Cuts & Bruises
'Extended Promo' song #2, June '09.

The New Addiction - Salvation
'Extended Promo' song #3, June '09.

Gerard McMahon and Anthony Silver - TimeBomb
'Extended Promo' song # 4, June '09.

Jill Davolio - Under the Sun
'Extended Promo' song # 5, June '09.

Metric - Help I’m Alive
'Love' & 'Written In Blood' promos.

Nazareth - Love Hurts
'Love Sucks' promo, CTV (Canada).

The Dead Weather - Hang You From The Heavens
'Squeamish', 'Darker Than Twilight' & various episode promos.

Rie Sinclair - No Escape
Ep 102 'The Night Of The Comet' promo.

Ladyhawke - Magic
'Spunky' promo, Oct '09.

Otto's Daughter - All I Ever Wanted
Ep 110 'The Turning Point' promo, song #1.

Celldweller - Frozen
Ep 110 'The Turning Point' promo, song #2.

White Lies - To Lose My Life
The Vampire Diaries Marathon promo.

Otto's Daughter - Losing You
'The Next Chapter' / Jan 21st return promo.

Tricky - Makes Me Wanna Die
'Coming Soon' promo, ITV2 (UK), Dec '09.

Marilyn Manson - If I Was Your Vampire
ITV2 'Friday Night Bites' themed & various other promos (UK), Feb/Mar '10.

Sophe Lux - Electra 33
Returning March 25 promo.

Sohodolls - My Vampire
'Official ITV2 Trailer' (UK), Mar '10.

Otto's Daughter - Don't Care
Ep 119 'Miss Mystic Falls' promo.