26 mar 2010

1x15 - A Few Good Men

Harper, the vampire who escaped from the tomb, kills a man in the woods. Matt and Caroline are surprised by the sudden reappearance of Matt’s mother Kelly. Stefan and Elena are worried about Damon’s new attitude. Damon is asked by Sheriff Forbes to take part in a fund-raising bachelor auction and asks the Sheriff for information on Alaric. Alaric discovers that his wife Isobel was Elena's biological mother, and was turned into a vampire by Damon at her own request. He confronts Damon, and the confrontation ends when Damon stabs Alaric to death with a stake. However, Alaric comes back to life, saved by a mysterious ring that his wife gave him. Elena is determined to find out everything she can about her birth mother, and discovers that she may still be alive. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Harper will be staying with Anna and Pearl.

Jet - Black Hearts (On Fire)
Damon bites & parties with several Tri-Delta girls until Stefan arrives.

The Alternate Routes - Time Is A Runaway
Damon joins Alaric for a drink at the bar; Sheriff Forbes asks Damon to participate in the bachelor auction.

Sound Team - Your Eyes Are Liars
Jenna asks Alaric if he would be willing to tell Elena about Isobel.

Above The Golden State - Real You
Matt's mom stops by to talk with him, Elena & Caroline; Damon chats with Mrs. Lockwood; Sheriff Forbes fills Damon in on Alaric.

Sweet Thing - Winter Night
Mrs. Lockwood introduces the bachelors.

Free Energy - Something In Common
Caroline congratulates Matt's mom on her win.

Sounds Under Radio - Portrait Of A Summer Thief
Jenna wins the bid on Alaric.