29 sty 2010

1x12 - Unpleasantville

As Stefan and Damon try to figure out the identity of the new vampire in town, Stefan gives Elena more vervain-filled jewelry to protect her family and friends. Hurting for money, Matt takes a job at the Mystic Grill, where former high school football-star Ben works as a bartender. Ben comes to Bonnie’s aid when he notices Damon is bothering her. Damon and Stefan accompany Elena to a school dance with a 1950's theme, where Alaric introduces himself to Damon. The vampire that has been stalking Elena knew Katherine and he is killed by the Salvatore brothers.Before dying he reveals that the way to get into the tomb lies in Gilbert's journal. While Jenna and Alaric are walking home from the party, Alaric tells Jenna that his wife was named Isabel, the same name as Elena's birth mother. Meanwhile Anna keeps on trying to get close to Jeremy, because she wants to get her hands on his ancestor's journal. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that both Anna and Ben are vampires and appear to be romantically involved with each other.

We Barbarians - There's This There's That
Matt tells Ben he's applying to work at The Grill; Elena tells Bonnie she discovered she's adopted.

Systems Officer - Pacer
Ben steps in between Bonnie & Damon; Anna asks Jeremy how he did on his paper.

The Misfits ft Ronnie Spector - This Magic Moment
Alaric sees Damon, Elena & Stephen arrive at the dance; Alaric offers to get Jenna a drink; Caroline questions Elena about Damon's presence.

Rogue Wave - Everyday
Jenna asks Alaric about his wife; Elena asks Stephen to dance.

Jef Scott - Dreams Are For The Lucky
Elena asks Stephen about the 50s while they dance; Anna meets up with Jeremy.

U.S. Royalty - Keep It Cool (Bo Flex Remix)
Caroline & Bonnie arrive at The Grill.

The Misfits ft John Cafiero - Runaway
Alaric & Damon talk about Stephen.

AutoVaughn - Everybody
Bonnie asks Ben to go on a date with her; Matt gets defensive with Caroline.

Jocko Marcellino - Slow Dance
Anna asks Jeremy if she can borrow his grandfather's journal; Stephen apologizes for dragging Elena to the dance.

The Misfits - Great Balls Of Fire
Stephen shows off his 50s dance moves.

The Raveonettes - My Boyfriend's Back
Elena & Stephen watch Damon dance with a blonde; Elena gets a threatening phone call from Noah.

St Leonards - Now That We've Grown
Matt tells Caroline he's not over Elena.

Oranger - Mr. Sandman
Anna & Ben kiss.

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